A talented drummer for DATS and yahyel and a highly skilled trackmaker, Kazuya Oi has an ability to create songs with a unique atmosphere and groove by adding electro elements to drums. In collaboration with us here at Novation, Oi has created the song entitled ‘Trilocation’ and has released a special performance video featuring Circuit Tracks, Launchpad Pro, Launchkey and Summit to partner the track.

“In order to create and perform this work, I wanted to produce all the sounds by myself as much as possible, and as a result, I had to divide myself into three parts. The need to maintain musical purity led me to this title. The song is about the longing for the supernatural and the transcendental, so I tried to make it visually manifest that as well.” – Kazuya Oi

— Learn more about Kazuya Oi and how he was able to blend his unique sonic palette in an immersive performance.